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I cured myself of ADD.

Using emotional release techniques, I have recovered from the pattern of behaviors called Attention Deficit Disorder.

I was diagnosed as a child with "hyperactivity" at a child psychiatric clinic, and as an adult with "adult ADHD" at a clinic specialising in the treatment of ADD. I have lived most of my life with a 10 minute concentration span.

My cure of ADHD has happened by "accident". I did not act to cure myself of this pattern of behaviors. It is a result of dealing with recovered memories of child abuse. I have had many behavioral problems in my life, but it was only when I was 27 that I began to recover memories that explained those problems. One consequence of my recovery is a change in my biochemical response to dexamphetamine, a drug commonly used to treat ADD. At the time I was diagnosed with ADHD, my response to this substance was consistant with my diagnosis - it calmed and focused my thoughts (which were erratic and chaotic). Now that my thoughts are naturally calm, I can focus and concentrate long periods without assistance.

In hindsight, I see the pattern of behaviors labeled "ADHD" as strategies I developed to cope with the childhood abuse I was suffering.

What is ADD then?

I see ADD as a pattern of behaviors, not a disorder. In myself it was a fear-mediated biomedical imbalance in my brain. However, I acknowledge such behaviors may be developed as a strategy to cope with experiences different to mine - although I still think those experiences would have been harmful. It is known that different emotions are associated with different balances of neurochemicals ? a natural mechanism for emotional regulation. Whenever an emotion changes in a person, it is associated with a change in the neurochemical balance in the brain. Traumatic experiences - generating a fear response - collectively led me to a long-term imbalance maintained by a sustained state of fear. Each aspect of my behavior patterns that were consistent with ADHD can be traced back to a decision made to cope with child abuse. These decisions were neccessarily automated and operated subconsciously.

What techniques did I use?

Emotional release is the central strategy surrounding these changes in my biochemical balance. These techniques include:

I highly recommended these techniqes. I consider them very effective. But please be aware that they are not all there is to my recovery. Simultaneously I have investigated my own spirituality and have developed a ?world-view? that reflects my changing ideals and understanding of why the world is the way it is. I have taken on new ideas from others and spent the time I required to process all these changes. I dont believe a recovery is possible independent of feedback from other people.